Response. That’s important. We intake so much beauty, inspiration, and insight. We ought to respond to it all. But how? What do you say about the ocean, what words, what poems, what portraits can you paint of a new soul? As we discover what ignites us at night and calms us during the storm, how can we possibly begin to choose actions that will satisfy our longing to respond. I am rendered incapable of expressing in full my need for love. As I have been home for nearly a month now, I feel a sort of strength returning. It’s mostly a mental strength or perhaps it’s emotional, distinguishing between those two realms can become a blurred attempt for a person like me. However the strength given through love is all around me in this season.

 “To be known and to know”, isn’t there a line somewhere about that being one of the most precious actions in life? Well.. I’d buy it. I’d take it by the dozen and share it with all of my friends…that truth I mean. To be known (and loved because of what is known) is unlike anything else in life. To look another human in the eye, with so much history and so much time behind you, having hurt eachother just as many times as you’ve saved one another. To grab their hand and listen to their story, to hear how the world has treated them since you last met, such things can fill you with a deepness that is hardly comparable to most other delights in life.

I’d listen to her talk forever. Every word, every thought, every snide remark… They have never failed to catch my ear. Her inability to compromise, it’s a sort of character trait. She flows through life needing very few, and as  time continues, as we repair the brittle concrete built so many years ago, we find it is no less strong. The rain of life acted not as water to concrete but more as the minerals that create and bind the Rock and sand together in the first place. She is so much more to me than a person. She is air-like comfort, she is the sort of inspiration that artists search for.

But that is people after all.

Their hearts are what we are after.

How to properly describe another souls effect on our own becomes complicated when we are using our mere bodies to do it.

Learn how to understand another’s soul within your soul, and I believe you will have experienced the greatest pleasure in life.


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