.:T O R I :.

Reasons why I count you a blessing: The list might be short but the content is dense. If every word mattered I would write you a trillion. But darling, my dear, my strong house and shield, You remind me what living and loving can yield. You sip that red poison with absolute grace, and listen to my ramblings with a constant smile on your face. Never judging, always thinking, always warning but never sinking to the deep ends of my thoughts that often defeat me. You point me like a star in the best of directions accepting my change without any hesitations. I love you, your care and your semi-cool tude, because kindness isn’t fake, it’s not a bubble wrapped up mood. Kindness is much deeper and it runs in your veins, when you  choose love for those who repel it, this is how kindness remains. All our runs, all our chats, our giggles and woes …have led me to see you truly, in your highs and lows. 


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