Time can be like a marathon. But it’s not the sort of thing you can train for. 

In the marathon of life time has the power. She ticks, steady and surely as she passes. At moments you beg her to slow down. 

We cry when we don’t have enough time, pounding our bodies against cold cement screaming questions that inevitably posses a total of zero answers. 

Time dictates our lives: when we sleep, when we eat, when it is safe to be born… When we might be at peace about dying. 


Sometimes we beat her, outwit her with our creams and diets. 

We multitask, increasing our sidewalk-walking pace. 

We bike instead of walk, fly instead of drive. 

Most of the time we are just running against her, damaging our muscles and souls in order that she might not meet us before we are ready.

We rush into relationships we aren’t ready for because we can feel the pressure of her ticking in our ear. 

We travel places we don’t really want to see because they tell us, ‘it’s once in a lifetime’ and that, ‘there will never be a better time’. 

We divide her, time I mean, into priorities. 

30 minutes of meditation, 45 minutes of Netflix, 75 minutes at the gym. 

And at the end of the day, week, year, season, we ask her… Where did you go? 

We were so busy trying to beat her that we forgot to watch her, experience her. 

Have you ever experienced time, the feeling of a minute or an hour. 

It’s a precious thing, time is. 
In a different world we will know what it means to be infinite, not finite, not limited to space or time. We will stare at people, or souls or whatever form others may take, and we will never think about the passing of time. 

No longer will we grey and wither. No longer will our minds fail us, as we see the younger become stronger all the while we become weaker. 

But for now, I want to feel time. I want to know her pressure and embrace her length. Knowing how blissful and awful a single minute can be. We have created a system as a way to measure moments, however to remember is this: moments are eternal. But while we can point to time-  her years and months; a moment will far outlast  measurements. A moment that begins in a minute can grow in the secret places within us forever. 


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