more of you, less of me – this might be my most earnest of pleas

“All I have because of Jesus”

She asked what she could pray for, I hesitated and eventually responded, “could you ask the God would draw near, that He would make Himself known throughout this season”. I often forget to look for God, but even more often I forget to ask Him to appear, I forget to express my need for Him. Thinking about it now, I suppose that is not something we commonly do. We tell those we love how we feel about them, but there have been few times that I have looked a loved one in the eye and told them the ways I need them. In fact if I’m being honest I more often try to do just the opposite, I want them to believe I’d be okay without them. How long have I been playing this game with God? How long have I been trying to prove that I don’t need spiritual motivation to continue to walk this path. What a wicked and dangerous game independence is.

How it must seep and drown poison into the veins of our relational pulses.

God forgive our inequities. In this season may we not just LOOK for you, but even more so may we be willing to express our need for you. May our hearts be humbled to cry out to you for more. I need more of you God, there is never a point in this faith or in this life where we arrive. Death alone will bring us to the closeness we so desire, in the meantime Father may we strive for more and more of you. May I never be satisfied Lord, not when it comes to you.

With love,



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