My heart hurts a bit.

Jesus was a man. 

He breathed, he walked, he talked. 

He wept.

He prayed, he taught, he healed. 

He forgave.

He died, he rose, he ascended. 

He loved. 

He shows me how to love.
We complicate this faith, we turn it into words and writings. We muddle our way through opinions and scripture, seeking truth that will fit us the way Jesus seems to. We want a religion that fills us  as love does. We believe in His love, but struggle with His teachings. We believe He died, we believe He rose again, we believe He was brought up to heaven leaving us with His spirit that we may give to others  the type of love He gave us. But we can’t trust Him to forgive our mothers, our fathers, or sisters and brothers. We don’t trust Him to be just. We think we care more for our friends than He, but if they call us we screen our phones.. We fall busy and forget them for days. Jesus doesn’t forget them. He listens when they call, day or night..night or day He listens. 

We are but human. 

We breathe, we walk. 

We cry. 

We try to pray, we youth lead and mentor.

We hold grudges as often as we forgive. 

We sin and lead others into sin. 

But we love, maybe not perfectly, but we still love. 

We will die. 

And HE will help us to rise, HE will teach us how to ascend. 

Show us how to love. 


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