Far away, you fly.

Like the leafs as they float. 

Your direction is simultaneously sporadic and controlled. 

But your mind is lost. 

In places 


And dreams. 

And sometimes I wonder, do you feel a flame?

When you see her.. do you feel a sort of flame?

Does she remind you of your legal  name?

What you want and what you need, 

Allow them to change.

It’s my earnest plea,

That you wouldn’t care 

That you would just leave, 

So that if possible you might one day see

The sea. 

The sea. 

The ocean and breeze. 

It’s waves, I promise they offer a sort of key. 

But.. Those thoughts. 

Fucking thoughts. 

The thoughts you learnt once you left,

That passion we felt,

Nothing  held can ever be kept. 

And you see her, 

Where you used to see me. 

But now you see her

And she knows nothing of the sea. 

So I go, 

And you stay where the ground is grey. 

But your thoughts remain gold, 

For you’ve always been told…

It is her

She’s the kind, the type you desire

And I was but a wave, 

A wave with heart. 

A heart you broke..

A heart which is now nothing but parts.

A part, ONE part

A part of a life

A life that I chased 

A life that  I caught. 

And what they told me, 

You already taught, 

Don’t love it’s a trap, 

Now you’ll never come back. 


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